18 November 2012

Demons Alive in Amityville

(Alison DeFeo, after she was found and turned on her back)
On November 13th, 1974, Ronald DeFeo clamored into a bar in Amityville NY, at six thirty pm, exclaiming that his entire family had been killed. His family consisted of his mother, father, two sisters, and two brothers (very similar in structure to my own family! Weird!) He shot them all with a rifle while they were sleeping the night before. DeFeo was taken to a near by police station to keep him safe. After explaining his stories with serious inconsistencies he admitted to killing his family the following day. When it came time for his trial, DeFeo claimed he was possessed by a spirit in the house and the murders were not his own doings. He was taken into custody.

Individuals were quick to dismiss the possibility of possession and started looking for external reasons why DeFeo killed his family. When writers of Biography.com wrote about the incident the first sentence of the article explains “despite having a comfortable childhood in Amityville, New York, Ronald DeFeo grew up emotionally troubled.” (“Ronald DeFeo Jr.”) This statement already infers that DeFeo was not a victim of demonic powers, and that he must have just been a sick man who suffered through his child hood and blah blah blah. However, I think that there are a lot of people who are emotionally troubled in this world. Is it really right to say that anyone who has faced struggles in their life is going to eventually kill there family? I don’t think so. Plus investigators have states how the murders were not planned out. DeFeo he did not have any existing grudges towards his siblings or parents, it was a complete act of compulsion. To me seems a lot more likely that DeFeo was possessed by an external spirit rather than that he just randomly decided to kill his whole family one night. He seemed like a normal, endearing man to most people. As avily descried by this lady. Some photos of spirits in the house have also been captured by paranormal researchers who had investigated the house Skip to 3:19.

To me it is very evident that DeFeo must have been possessed. However that could be because I avidly believe in both spirits and demons. For me it is hard not to. I am part of the Roman Catholic faith and the Bible has many examples of demonic possession (so creepy). I don’t think that exorcisms are just things that happen in movies but in real life as well. Maybe if Ronald DeFeo could have had an exorcism, he wouldn’t have been demonically seduced into killing his entire family who he loved very much, and lived happily withIn my own life, I feel that I have had many occurrences with spirits, and people who have passed away that still seem to be around on holidays and special occasions. I have been around many weird things that have happened where supernatural forces seem to be accountable. It is unfortunate the DeFeo experiences these spirits so intimately in his own life and forced him to act so violently.

I really do believe Ronald DeFeo is living the rest of his life prison as an innocent man, which seriously sucks so badly. He should not be held responsible he had no control over what happened. HE did not kill his family a DEMON killed his family. Why should he be accountable for that? Who is to say that we aren’t all possessed? Some of us are just lucky enough to occupy spirits who posses us to do good and be decent people (like me). Where as, some of us are not as lucky and become home to spirits who harness hate, and want to do nothing more then cause destruction. Ronald DeFeo was the victim of unfortunate circumstances. That could have been anyone. Even me or you.


  1. The Amityville Demons are completely false. True, Ronald DeFeo was troubled as a child yet lived a comfortable life. Just because he killed his family and he lived a comfortable childhood doesn’t leave demons and possession as the only reason DeFeo killed his family. You said yourself that he was a troubled person. Throughout history there have been people who’ve lived comfortable lives and yet done horrible things.
    The video you provided revealing “The truth” behind the horror story is simply photos of movie ads and reasons why the house has been shrouded from the public. It doesn’t really provide any information on “The truth” behind the story.
    Although you mentor that you’re Roman Catholic, this provides the reason why you believe that demons exist and why it is possible they take over people’s bodies. This doesn’t, however, help prove the existence of demons.
    You then mention how me are able to tell whether or not we are all possessed. This question is easily answered; we have control over our own actions. The argument that Ronald DeFeo is innocent could be disproven if he had mental and emotional tests. If scientifically proven to be sane or to not suffer from something that causes him to hallucinate, it would be fair to say that a demon possessed him. Unfortunately, as no tests were done on Defeo, or at least they weren’t mentioned in your post, it cannot be said that he is sane.

  2. I do not believe that DeFeo was possessed when he killed his family. Most of the time there is an intent behind a doing like this and you cannot just simply blame being possessed as the problem. If anything, this comes across as a cover up for DeFeo so he could come out of this situation as an innocent man. DeFeo could have easily just come up with this idea of hims being possessed so that he would not have to go to jail. Most killers have an excuse to show that they are innocent and even though this is a much crazier excuse, it still counts as one.
    Also, the fact that this can be seen as a religious belief causes a major conflict within the argument. Bringing religion into this makes it more difficult to believe in because some people may have a faith that is totally different than the faith that believes in someone being possessed. It also may be against certain religions to even consider beliefs of other religions, which creates a problem. This shows that if you cannot believe in another religion you cannot belief in someone being possessed. This creates more of a controversy then an argument.
    One bigger question is, why would DeFeo being possessed cause him to kill his whole entire family? It is odd to this that a spirit would possess someone just so they will kill their whole family, what is the purpose behind this? His family consisted of many people which also makes it harder to believe that he was possessed for that long that he killed every single one of them. There was really no purpose for a spirit to just magically appear and possess him so he would kill his family; this appears much more illogical than anything else. It is much more likely that DeFeo had a psychological problem of some sort that caused him to kill his entire family.

  3. I am definitely the first one to believe is ghosts, demons, and anything supernatural. Yet, i am having a lot of trouble believing any of this to be true. Your argument is just not strong enough. You claim that DeFeo must have been possessed to kill his family because he lived a comfortable and non troubled childhood. There are many other reasons why he could have killed his family that have yet to be ruled out. Nobody knew for sure that there were no problems with this family at home. They all could have put on smiling faces every day and in reality they may have been fighting all the time. Nobody will ever know for sure because DeFeo is clearly a liar and cannot be trusted and the rest of the family is dead. Also, even if DeFeo was possessed and that was why he killed his whole family, i believe that he should be put into jail anyways. Just because he was/claimed to be possessed, how does that justify his actions? Yes, he would have had no control over his mind or body, but who says he isn't still a threat to everybody else. I think that Defeo deserved to be put into jail whether he was possessed or not because there was no proof of possession. The videos do not do any justice to your argument and stating that you are Roman Catholic also does not help to prove that any of this was true.

  4. I completely believe in the paranormal. Ghosts, hauntings, possession, all of it. I never believed Amityville Horror happened. It was a family that just capitalized on one familes horrific crime.However, I just finished reading a book titled, "Serial Killers Up Close and Personal" by Christopher Berry and it shed a whole new light on this case. The police down in Suffolk County were and still are corrupt as are the judges. Ronnie DeFeo will spend his life in prison for something that he probably participated in, but was NOT alone. There were other people. Mainly his own sister Dawn. He was definitely not possessed.